Sir Steven V. Cross, Sr.

Investment & Philanthropic goal oriented Businessman

Steven is the Managing Director/CEO of Bin Zayed Natural Resources, DMCC (BZNR), and Founder of the "American Alliance" Group of Companies, a Partner within BZNR.
Steven has served in the Commodities industry for over 18 years, with his initial start in the Petroleum industry, leading to his work within the Silica Industry and its associated minerals, to include Platinum Group Metals (PGM), as well as other base and precious metals.
Steven has served as Financial & Investment Director to many companies over the course of his 20 years of consulting and project management & oversite.
He serves many philanthropic and holistic justice groups, one such entity being 5 Pillars of Justice Association of the Philippines (5JPJAPI), an Internationally Recognized Organization, as both Operations Director and International Director Advocacy.
He also serves as a Colonel and Advocate in the Values Formation and Spiritual Transformation Council Philippines International, Inc (VFSTCPII), an Internationally and United Nations Recognized and Accredited Group, with many partnered organizations Globally.
Steven has been knighted in multiple internationally recognized organizations, as well as being promoted to Brigadier General to the Sultanate Kingdom Organization Inc, directly by its Prime Minister, located within the Sulu and BARMM regions of
the Philippines and South East Asia, as well to the President and Royal Title within these communities and organizations.

Allen Wu

Allen Wu is a Chinese American serial entrepreneur with decades in multiple sectors including natural resources around the world.
Allen is CEO of BZG Asia Investment LLC, a partner in Bin Zayed Natural Resources LLC.
Allen is founding Chairman of Assetera Ecosys Pte Ltd that tokenizes tangible and intangible assets worldwide for trading and settling via its German bank.Allen is also founding Chairman of Lotus Energy Ltd deeply involved in the EV sector from upstream in minerals to midstream EV products and services to downstream in recycling.Allen has B.A. in International Economics and International Cultural Exchanges and M.A. in International Relations..

Xavier Chen

Xavier Chen is a founder and CEO of M5, and a founder of AATCC. Xavier has more than a decade of diverse business experience leading profit and non-profit organizations through startup and growth stages, as well as M&A. Xavier has worked in real estate, finance, consulting, logistics, and tech startups. Xavier excels at creating innovative solutions by combining technical know-how from multiple industries. Socially, Xavier is deeply intuitive working directly with people, and he uses this to work with parties across disciplines to build strong relationships, resolve disputes, and create unique business solutions.

Julian Fletcher-Taylor

Julian Fletcher-Taylor is a founder and CTO of M5, and a founder of AATCC. Julian has deep experience in architecting technical, business, and governance solutions, as well as conducting research in legal and scientific domains. With the synergy between these skill sets Julian works with partners across disciplines to architect full solutions, create innovative technology companies, and bring viable technological products to the world. Julian has a deep intuition of how technology is progressing and driving fundamental changes in the world, and how to stay ahead of the curve. He is passionate about understanding technological progress and having a vision to drive this progress for the benefit of all